Tektronix 1241 Logic Analyser

This instrument is complete with a whole bunch of accessories. Like the accessories/cables/pods pouch in backpack format, pods, cables, connectors, grabbers etc and manuals. It has a huge number of parallel connections through pods with very thick and stiff cables, But the connections to the circuit under test are very well made compared to most of the modern junk. I also have a few optional cartridges made to have more functions for 1 processor.

The LA has a colour touchscreen. Very modern back then. It is not really a touchscreen but senses your finger if you trigger an infrared tx/sensor matrix. And it is also not really a colour monitor. It is a monochrome CRT with some coloured LCD overlays. If it activates the green one, the text looks green, so every colour has it own LCD layer and combining them they can make screens with a few colours. ( only green amber white but it is pretty cool)

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