DIY multimeter probes and accessoires

I often made small cables and adapters to make measuring a bit more easy. At some point I started to make them in such a way that I could re-use them and couple them together to save time. I used pins from Lemo connectors but you can use whatever you want. 

A male on the right and female on the left partly inserted

I used very flexible thin wires and heat shrink tubing. Often 2 or 3 layers for easy grabbing and isolation.

The lemo male pin

The crocks are very cheap and from Mouser. They have a long but very weal long nose. I modified them to make them stronger and easier to handle. The long beak was enforced with some wire.

The long nose

And others I modified for better grabbing to wire by shorting the nose and filing a “dent” in it.

With male pins

I also made mini probes, here I use a pogo pin. The other side is a lemo . Pogo pins have a spring inside and very sharp tips. 

Pogopin tip

And I also made a set with header pins at the end for easy measuring in female header connectors without damage.

A header pin

These have a normal 4 mm banana bus and a bigger pogopin

These miniprobes have a bananabus and a bigger pogo-pin

The wires are made in male-male, female-female and female-male and  a male to banana bus

banana bus to male lemo pin

BNC to Lemo pins, on top a scope-probe adapter to Lemo pin and top right AMP to Lemo pin

3 others

Every time I need something special I make it so it can connect to other kit parts.

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