very low budget hot air rework tool

I wanted a hotair station for   big things like RF shielding.

Paintstripper nozzle

Paintstripper nozzle

So I went to the garage, took a piece of sheetmetal, my bodywork tools and fired up my smallest autogene welder. The result is the thing above this text. The tube at the end fits snug  into copper tubing so I can make smaller nozzles if I want.

The stripper is 1600W max but has two positions. I can use a variac to regulate the power. At 1600W  I tried it on an old motherboard and removed some IC’s and some SMD powerfets and voltage regulators. Even through hole  components from an old Tek pcb fell of in a flash. So 1600W may be a bit to much. The lower power position works but takes a little too long. With the variac I can set it inbetween.

Downside is the airflow. It is blowing a bit hard but for incidental use and things like RF shielding it works fine. I used it before without a nozzle to remove a AD8317 I soldered 90 degrees wrong. And it survived.

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