Tektronix 132 plugin powersupply

The 132 with CA plugin coupled to a 7A24 50 Ohm plugin.

I have around 15 plugins for my 547. A great scope but not the most handy one for bench repairs in my case (stands on a scope-mobile behind me). Tek made a unit called the 132 that is a combined plugin powersupply and vertical amplifier. This way you can use the plugins on any scope.

A naked picture

I bought this one in working condition. OK, it worked, but not like it should. They removed the fan, made holes in the top of the cabinet and while testing I found out they bypassed and disconnected the vertical amplifier. The result was smoke from the current limiting resistor in my K-plugin and 87V output from the not terminated output. They removed a few wires, the 10K anode resistors. A lot of resistors and caps turned out to be replaced and probably the repair did not succeed so he bypassed the amp. The fault turned out to be a wire connected to the wrong terminal.  As you see on the picture above it is working fine again.

The other side, corner under-right the vertical amp

I taped the holes and mounted a nice silent 230V fan (thanks Guido)

The new fan


on the bench while testing and adjusting using the original cables and a 1A4 plugin

The 132 should be connected for optimum performance using double terminated RG62/U 93Ohm cable. The output is a current source so choosing an other termination will alter the V/div and decrease bandwidth. Higher impedance will increase gain but limit bandwidth. The terminators are just 93 ohm shunt resistors. Using 50 ohm cables and 50 ohm inline termination at the scope input seems to work but I will do more test to look for an optimum without the 93 ohm cable.

The reason I wanted a 132, here you see most of  my 15 plugins

The cataloque from 1966



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