DIY Transistor curvetracer

This is an IV curvetracer published in some old German funkmagazin. I made my curve tracer based on that design clombined with some other designs. The step generator isd based on a not so common UJT. The CT can drive a transitor with current or voltage. The latter for MOSFETS. It can do PNP, NPN, N-channel, P-channel and the usual CT things like capacitors, resistors, diodes etc.

The output of the CT is feed to a scope in XY mode. On the picture I have the X and Y outputs  mixed.

schema waar op de mijne gebaseerd is.

De binnenkant

Het frontje

een actie plaatje van een transistor

een actie plaatje van een transistor

Update; The CT worked fine but I have taken it apart because I bought a Tek 577, later replaced by a Tektronix 576. I also have a VU-data tracker and an octopus.

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