Mooi he, een SA uit 1961!

Ik heb hem niet hoor maar ik wilde het plaatje gewoon laten zien.

Dit is het commentaar over het beest van een verzamelaar die er een heeft staan, (Tekst and Picture: Andrew Holme)
This is a 30MHz SA with a 5inch P5 (or is it P7) phosphor long-persistence CRT. The only problem to you whereever you find one will be carriage, the unit is in a rack about a meter high and mine has an MoD plate warning that the weight is 315 lb or about 150kg !! It is actually a nice beastie though it does drift a little. The EHT supply (an inverter with a 5763) is defunct in mine, and it is a two man job to get the “drawer” out.)
There are 3 hemetically sealed crystal filters inside I think the highest resolution is about 10Hz. The dispersion is not very high I think the max sweep with is about 30kHz. I think it was used for checking modulation bandwidth on transmitters…..I remember seeing several at Rugby radio station (GBR) in about 1962according to the catalogue it is only 126kg and is also available on a trolly – which itself weighs
about 40kg. I saw the trolley mounted version in use at New Street in around 1971.

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