Tektronix 212 baby scope

This very cute scope is a Tek 212. It runs on a nicd battery pack. It has two channels  and does a whopping 500kHz.  The probes are permanent attached. There is no adapter, you plug it straight into the mains through a cable with 2 banana jacks. The probes and mains wire is spooled on the back of the scope.  It does  1mV to 50V per division. The weight is 1,5 Kilo and the size is:  22,6×13,2×7,6cm. It has 2 battery packs inside.

Has it some use, no not really other then being very pretty in my living room  :loveh: :)

Tear down during repair.

There was a lot wrong. The hardest to find was horizontal gain changing if I adjusted intensity. The cause was oxidation on transitor legs.

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