Modding a headband visor

I had this Velleman but after 3 years daily use it kinda fell apart and the lenses became to scratched



I then bought this from bangood. 

Bangood dental style loupe


Those two merged gave me the comfort of the first (easy flipping it up and comfort) and the nice optical qualities of the second.

The end result

The lenses are real glass and the focus is around 40 cm. They are just bolted together. Was less as an hour work. The ledlamp is very bright and comes with a powerbank and charger. I clipped an old mobile phone holder on the back. This way it is nice in balans.

Flip up position

Because the visor is now more heavy I added some bend wire eylet solder taps as endstops.


end stop

The loupe is very easy to adjust in width, hight and distance from your eyes. I kept everything like it was and mounted it with two bolts to the top of the visor.

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