TTi 1906 5,5 digit benchmeter

Both fixed and calibrated

Someone from I know from my favorite forum,  Circuits online, gave me these meters. Both were dead. It’s a 5,5 digit meter with good specs. They call it programmable because it has math functions and it remembers the settings. So if you switch it off in resistance mode with some offset an manual ranging it saves this settings and restores them if you power it up again. Very handy. 

Some of the specs;

It is TRMS with a 50kHz  bandwidth. The input impedance is only 1 M in Vac. Not very high for a bench meter. The DC voltage is in the lowest ranges switchable between 10M and >1Gohm. That is a very useful feature. Why ? One reason is that you can set it at 10M if you want to use a HV probe. 

The continuity function is a bit different. It is fast, that is a pro. It is not really a separate function but an extension from the resistance function. You just add the beeper. The nice thing is that the threshold per range differs so you can choose. And at the same time you can always read the resistance while using continuity.  

In 5,5 digit mode it is  not very fast but usable. 

It has a RS232 interface and  you can calibrate it firmware driven. The downside is you need to have all the standards, you can not skip a range. But you can do just one or more functions. I did a complete calibration for each meter and the one missing the shield was a bit more noisy and that made the zero calibration hard because it needs to stay very constant long enough or it gives a fault and you can not go on. If you mess up a range it gives a fault and you can do all ranges again.

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