Kyoritsu KEW Snap 8 current probe


It came with a nice leather holster

This was love at first sight.  It is beautiful made and with 460 gram rather heavy for its size. It realy feels massive.  No tear down pictures this time. I have no manual and there are no visible screws. They are sealed with some clay-like stuff. I do not want to disturb the turret mechanism.

The metermovement has a turret with several scales. With the red wheel you choose the wanted meter range. There is 6A, 15A, 40A, 100A and 300A scale. The scales have black numbers on a yellow background.


A current scale

But this meter can also measures AC voltage. Those scales are 150V, 300V and 600V. This time in red


A voltage scale

I do not know how old it is but I think it is an early version because in other pictures of similar looking snaps, the scale shows a more digit model number. The slide under the metermovement locks the needle. I thing for transport and maybe also as a mechanical hold switch.


The meter and probe for resistance

It can measure resistance. The probe holds a fuse and AA battery. The banana jack is very thin and you screw it in. The meter looks like new and the probe if as it is never used. Not a scratch on it.


The ohm probe socket

Even the text is flawless.


The other connections. To bad I do not have the probes or bananas for it.

I have no clue about the specs but it is really spot on. That is upto 10A, because that is the max current my calibrator can source. Very impressive and still a very usable instrument.



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