Simpson 260-6M

Isn't she beautiful ?

Isn’t she beautiful ?

I like to play a with analog meters, most times comparing them. I like the 260 very much but it was not spot on so time to open it, make some pictures and adjust it. That worked out well. It is not so accurate as my Pantec but a lot better as it was.

Some results, first the real value, then the 260
1,316 = 1,33
3,09 = 3,12
0,936 = 0,94
0,461 = 0,045
9,16 = 9,21
14,5 = 14,6
2,38 kohm = 2,4kohm
59,8k = 59k18,36 ohm = 17 ohm
1,040 Mohm = 1,05
6M8 = 8M, that is rather bad but the best score compared to the others
233VAC = 233VAC

Downside of this meter is how they divided the scales. Like the 250 scale that is for instance 100 to 150 in 10 divisions. But as a pro it has a 50 uA and a 10A range. Not all analog meters have one, a 250mV, 1V and a 1000V AC and DC scale.  Like most old meters the AC coupled input is called output.  The knob for +DC, -DC and AC is handy. Is does not have a cut-off relais like my favourite analog meters: Pantek, Unigor 4P and AVO 8 but it has a fuse and normal batteries for resistance measurements. It has a very nice leader box.


The battery compartments

Every detail is a peace of art. The battery compartment has a beautiful shaped spring to hold the 9V battery.


The switch and cal pots


From the right side


Here you see the battery door.


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