Hameg HM-8000 system

From my good friend Rene who has a nice collection Hameg gear I got these instruments. It is a system that uses plugins like the Tek 5000 system. ¬†I prefer the Hameg version. Mechanical better build and still available. The newer versions are White. I’m very pleased with these units and use them a lot. I placed them left from my Hameg DSO scope.

Hameg HM-8000

Hameg HM-8000

From top to bottom and from left to right.

A HM8021-2 1GHz counter, 8 digit. 0,1Hz upto 100Hz. This depends on the gate time, more resolution increases the gate time. And 1us upto 99,9s
Sensitivity is 20mV upto 100MHz ,50mV upto 500MHz and 70mV upto 1GHz.
2 inputs , a high impedance 1M||30pF (upto 400V DC+ACp and 150MHz) and a 50 ohm (5V DC+ACp)
Adjustable triggerlevel, you realy need that.
The manual states the precision tolerance but forgot to put numbers to it. Very non-german. But the timebase is ajn ovenised Xtal and spec’d at +/- 5E-7

HM8030-2, a 1MHz  function generator with a 25Vpp output (open circuit). Sine, triangle and squarewave. DC offset. Trigger output, FM input and 50ohm output

HM8040-1 tripple output PSU. 2×0-20V/0,4A and 5V/0,5V

HM8035 20 MHz adjustable pulse generator.


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