Pace tweezer DIY tips

Tweezer tips

Tweezer tips

I have a Pace MBT-250 including the tweezers but without tips. These tips are very expensive. Today I needed to remove a smd IC from a Fluke 725 process calibrator. It was exposed to 230Vac on the 30VDC input. Some traces were burned and someone had replaced the 4053. Measurements showed there were contact problems. To be short, it was a mess , several pads were missing so removing the IC was necessary but not something I was thrilled to do.

I had the tweezers so I decided to make some tips. The tips are made from copper that I turned to the right diameter. From an old automotive gasket I milled tw0 small blades. They are mounted in the turned copper rods and fixated by pressed in pins.

Removing the IC was less then 10 seconds so it works great.



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