Programming an Arduino using ISP

USBasp programmer and Arduino clone

USBasp programmer and Arduino clone

I use now and then a microcontroller. Because it is easy and there is a lot of info I use an Arduino. But as easy it is to use, as hard is it to use only the Atmel after programming in a project. The pin layout and numbreing is rather cryptic. So I bought a USBasp, a very simple programmer. I made a adaptercable to connect it to the arduino. I made this pcb above as a sort of alternative Arduinoboard. It has a LCD mounted to the wires I use for an LCD, it has 10 inputs with 6 of them also usable after a dipswitch. Two leds and a potentiometer that I can hookup to a pin. And a IPS socket and ZIP for easy removing.

There is not yet an index on the board but I will use the Atmel port and pin names and numbers, not the arduino numbering, so it will be more easy to translate it to a pcb in a project.

It has a powersupply socket and 7805 regulator. I do not like stuffed breadboards very much. In this case the LCD is there because it limits the number of connections the most.


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