Ultrasonic cleaning

The cleaner

The most easy way to clean dirty pots, knops, switches, connecters ect is ultrasonic cleaning.  In basic, the soundwaves form tiny bubbles that implode to the surface. The implosion sucks the dirt out of the material.

I first had a simple 30 euro version but results were not great. It improved using hot fluid and using this receipt I found on internet somewhere, but still not great, also because you could only use it 2 minutes and most times you need a minimum of about 6-10 minutes

1L water (boil it and then mix while hot the soap and salt)
0.2L ammonia
100mL spiritus
1 teaspoon salt
1 teaspoon green soap
50mL azijn

Then I bought the Emmi 20HC, it is a 100W that also has a heater. It is usable for permanent use but the timer is 1 hour. The after-picture is after 9 minutes cleaning using the mild 080 fluid that came with it.

An old ceramic aircap

Some GR connectors

After cleaning, I forgot to add 2 pieces for the picture but they were as clean.

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