Dynamic load and powersupply combined

Powersuplly with CC, CV, pulse loading (square wave) and DC sweeps (triangle) and usable as dynamic load

Build in an old noise source. The two SO239 sockets are for dynamic load use. The switch at the right switches of the PSU part. The BNC is for current monitoring on a scope 100mV=1A. The bnc on the top is a sync output for dynamic loading. The mA meter must be read x10

My dynamic load is now combined together with a power-supply. It is capable of 10A and 25V. The load is used as current regulator. Three of those MOSFETs are used as a voltage regulator. A LM317 makes the Vg.

Some opamps add the voltage drop over the shuntload to the floating minus pole. So the voltage stays like I set it. The advantage is I can still use it as a load but also as power supply. In CC mode the voltage can set to a limit and the voltage regulating MOSFETs do not have to dissipate all the power all by them self,

I first used darlingtons but blew them up while making a mistake. I forgot to connect the voltage adder and protection and sorted the shunts. That resulted in over 30 Vbe and that is a bit to much. Now i put in the FETs and that worked fine but I altered the schematic and did not note all changes.

Priciple, but not buildable this way.

The schematic has random values, no protection, not all components (for instance like this the Vin on the opamps get to high) I will draw the correct one soon (I hope 😉 )

Final schematic


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