Spectron datascope D301

Spectron Datascope D-301

This is as far as I could find, something used to measure signals between computers in the ice-age. It is dated 1978. It was hooked up between something like a mainframe and a printer or terminal and then they could watch serial signals. A sort of pre-historic LA. It seems do something, but I have no clue what, or what to use it for, but I do not think it is useful today.

Computerworld 1978

The display is a monitor like construction. Strange it is B&W, most monitors back then were fosfor green or amber. It has a rather good resolution.

It is beautifull made, very early digital stuff. All logic IC’s are wirewrapped. But those pins are also great dust collectors.

Wirewrap and dust

There seems to be two or three display modes:

Text display

The other mode, the 3rd one lookes like this but inverse

left side

Top side, I wonder if there is an IC missing....

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