Tektronix 453, 50MHz portable scoop

De voorkant met een blokgolf met 1ns stijgtijd

This is one of the first real portable Teks. The 3 series was more transportable then portable. It is introduces in 1966 with the small display and nuvistors.  This one has pcb’s dated 1965. So a very early model. Latere 453’s have a bigger screen and colors on the front panels to group functions. Like the 7000 plugins. The calibrator and channel 1 output is here at the side of the scope, on later models that moved to the front.  Like the 5XX series there is a small amount of silver solder mounted in the scope for repair. It is behind the fan panel.

It has a 50 MHz bandwidth and a Tr of 7 ns. On the picture it is showing a 6,7 MHz , 1 ns pulse . The Tr measured is around 7 ns so it is within specs.

Productie datum

In 1971,  with the 453A, they replaced the nuvistors by fets. It has a delayed timebase. I miss the special mains connector and the dust cover. For the rest it is in very good shape.

De introductie in 1966

De onderkant met oa vertikale versterkers en hoogspanning

De bovenkant

De zijkant, daar zit nog een bedieningspaneeltje


Verwisselbaar filter

Natuurlijk is er ook een scoop mobiel

En fotos maken kon je met elke Tek:


Vreemde net connector, helaas mis ik die.

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